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Help Desk Tickets

Convert all your incoming email into tickets or have them submitted from the self-service Portal, or BOTH. Tickets can be distributed to specific Departments and Groups, and then to individual Agents to ensure issues are handled properly and completely.

Centralize your customer communication, prioritize issues and ensure customers are taken care of and that service levels are met, or even surpassed.

Email or Portal Submission

Tickets can be submitted however you want: either via email or right from the self-service Portal. Agents have the ability to reply from the SmarterTrack Management Interface, using their favorite desktop or mobile browser, or from their own email client.

Simple, Logical Distribution

Tickets can be distributed to agents using Round Robin so they’re distributed evenly, or agents can cherry pick from the Queue. Events can even be used to route tickets to specific groups or even individual agents, based on a combination of different variables, thereby ensuring the issue is handled by the appropriate person.

Complete Ticket History

Every action is kept in a ticket’s history: initial submission, status changes, transfers, etc. This makes it possible to see exactly how a given issue was handled, who dealt with it and the timings of the back-and-forth with the customer.

Integrated Time Tracking

Every time a ticket is replied to, the time it takes for that reply is automatically tracked. Agents can add manual time logs to tickets as well. For example, logging the time they took to look into, or even resolve, an issue so there’s a complete timeframe from ticket submission to issue resolution.

SLA Management

A powerful Event system can be used to ensure SLAs are met based on idle time, VIP ticket submissions, or even ticket resolution requirements. All help you ensure that your service levels are met, or even surpassed. Notifications can be sent if a ticket sits too long if a new reply comes in from the customer and much more.

Quality Control

Ensure agents are fully answering questions, or help new agents stay on message and exceed your service goals with Quality Control: view each ticket response from an agent or set it to review tickets as often as you want.