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Team Workspaces

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Team Workspaces

As a team meeting solution, Team Workspaces makes working with multiple different people, in multiple different locations, efficient and effective. It includes audio and/or video conferencing for up to 9 participants, though there’s no limit to the number of people who can participate in a workspace text chat.

Whether organizational meetings or meetings with outside employees, contractors, or others, Team Workspaces can easily replace third-party conferencing solutions.

Audio and Video Conferencing

A Team Workspace audio/video conference can accommodate up to 9 individual participants, but those participants can be from anywhere: they do NOT have to be part of your organization. Each user has full control over their own audio and video stream, meaning that they can disable their own audio or video if someone walks into their office, etc. Participants can be pinned so their screens are more prominent to others, and unpinned, such as when a presenter is finished.

Built on the latest WebRTC framework, Team Workspaces offers dynamic scaling for the most efficient bandwidth usage and highest audio and video quality.

Screen Sharing

Users and organizers can share their entire screens, specific applications or even individual browser tabs, with others in a Team Workspace. From training sessions to document collaboration, Screen Sharing expands Team Workspaces, allowing groups to be even more helpful and productive, and enhancing the ability for people to communicate and work together.

File Sharing

The File Storage area of a Team Workspace can be controlled by the Workspace organizer, meaning they can control who can, and can’t, upload files tp the meeting. However, any participant can download files as needed, even long after the meeting has ended.

Group Chat

NWNMail’s Group Chat is also available across all areas of a Workspace. Users can text chat with each other across all features — including throughout a video conference — and the chat includes things like real-time image previews, link previews, the ability to add and upload files and much more.


Eliminate Third-Party Services

Team Workspaces can be created and used once, or the same Workspace can be used multiple times or as an ongoing meeting space. Regardless, all chat history and file uploads are stored on the server for later use or for compliance needs. However you use them, Team Workspaces are the ideal place to communicate and can replace services such as #Slack or Microsoft Teams, without incurring any additional expense!