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Help Desk Software

Deliver unparalleled customer service, improve productivity, reduce overall support and customer service costs, and consolidate all communication in one location, for analysis and compliance needs. NWNTrack help desk software allows you to improve customer service while better utilizing employees across your business.

Lower support costs

Implementing customer-to-customer interaction using the Community, funneling questions and issues through live chat and offering a self-help knowledge base are all ways to you lower your support costs.

The community allows your users to help each other, the knowledge base can teach customers how to resolve issues, and agents can handle 2 or more live chats at once, thereby maximizing their time with customers versus taking one phone call at a time. All of these optimizatons of your support infrastructure lower the total cost of supporting your customers

Multi-Brand Support

Having multiple different companies, multiple branches or even multiple products is common these days. With NWNTrack, you can support any number of brands using a single installation. This allows you to utilize employees more efficiently since one employee can work across many different brands.

Centralize Communication

Customers communicate with you in multiple ways: emails and tickets, phone calls, or live chats. With SmarterTrack, you can centralize all communication with one platform. This gives you a single point of access for seeing exactly what your customers are saying, and how they’re saying it.

In addition, since all of that communication is kept within a single platform, information is stored and easily accessible for regulatory compliance, corporate governance, and more.