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Live Chat

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Live Chat

Immediate, instantaneous conversations via live chat can help businesses reduce phone calls, assist more customers concurrently and caters to customer preferences. As a result, live chat also increases service level efficiency without increasing cost.

More people are turning to live chat as their preferred means of communication. Having chat capabilities on your website is the ideal customer service solution.

Website Integration

Users can start a chat right from the Portal or anywhere on your website. Integrate live chat in your shopping cart, on specific landing pages, or throughout your site simply by adding a few lines of code. You can even customize the chat window, chat avatar, and any welcome messages.

Manageable Workload

Live chats can be distributed evenly to all active chat agents or agents can take chats from the Queue, or cherry pick, as they come in. Managers can even set up how many chats an agent can take at the same time, maximizing an Agent’s time.

SLA Management

Just as with Tickets, SmarterTrack’s powerful Events system allows managers to stay on top of live chats as they come in, as they end or if they sit idle for too long. Events are the perfect way to ensure your service levels are met.

Coaching and Assistance

Agents and Managers can watch chats in real-time. If an Agent struggles or needs assistance, other Agents or Managers can help guide the Agent, privately and securely, ensuring customers get the proper information, quickly and confidently.