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Knowledge Base

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Knowledge Base

Lower support costs by giving customers the resources they need to find the answers they want. Articles are searchable and SEO friendly, allowing you to create additional, updateable content for your business, which search engines love.

Knowledge Base articles can also be organized by topic and can be created for individual Brands and, therefore, only displayed for those Brands.

Educate Users

Having a Knowledge Base gives customers instant access to solutions and provides round-the-clock, online customer service. So even if your Agents aren’t available 24 x 7, your customer service is.

Completely Customizable

Articles can be completely customized using an inline HTML editor: highlight text, add in code blocks, insert images and videos, and more can help make your articles extremely effective in relaying information to customers and end users.

Stage Before Deployment

Articles can be written, then marked as Draft or Private so they can be reviewed and revised prior to being released publicly. Permissions can be set so that only certain Agents can write or review articles, offering specialization levels for employees.

Multi-language support

If a company does business in other countries, it helps to have Knowledge Base articles in that country’s native language. Articles can be fully internationalized and displayed in whatever language that’s set as the default in the public-facing Portal.

Keep Users Informed

In addition to Knowledge Base articles, the NWNTrack Portal offers a News area where companies can keep their users informed about new product releases, upcoming maintenance schedules, new company contact information, and much more.