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Help Desk Administration

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Help Desk Administration

NWNTrack’s quick and easy setup wizard walks system administrators through the entire setup process, from installing SmarterTrack to setting up the database, creating default departments and groups, and even logging in for the first time.

As far as management, NWNTrack offers detailed reporting, a powerful Events system, task management, customer satisfaction surveys and much, much more for both system administrators and Department Managers.

Detailed Reports

With more than 70 pre-defined summary and trend reports, SmarterTrack provides the information companies need to accurately measure the results of their customer service efforts. For example:

  • See when agents log in and out
  • Ticket and live chat trends by department or group
  • Dig down to the agent level to see who is doing the most work and where their time is spent
  • View Agent participation in the Community
  • Much, much more

Powerful Events System

NWNTrack’s events system allows managers, users and administrators to stay on top of all help desk activity. Events can be used to automatically send notifications when chats go unanswered or ticket conversations get too long. Managers can use events to create escalation rules, enforce SLAs, offer customer satisfaction surveys and more.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Using surveys, managers can create any type of survey to ensure that agents are providing the highest levels of service possible. From multiple choice questions to questions requiring thought and detailed input, any survey can be created. In addition, surveys can be sent via the events system, automatically when conversations end or even on demand.

Customizable Forms

Sometimes there are pieces of information Agents need to be able to troubleshoot issues. To ensure they get the data they need, SmarterTrack offers Customizable Forms. Forms can be sent, filled out, and then immediately associated to tickets ensuring that the most current and accurate information is available.


Creating Organizations within NWNTrack consolidates all user communication — tickets, live chats, call logs, surveys completed and more — for any given customer based on the criteria that’s set for that Organization. Users can be added to Organizations using a domain name, email address, username or phone number, or a combination of these.

Task Management

The task management system allows agents to associate tasks to all customer conversations — tickets, live chats and call logs. Track tasks at all stages of completion, assign tasks to categories and use the task scheduler to automatically create recurring tasks. NWNTrack also allows agents to configure reminders and events based upon each task.