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Group Chat

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Group Chat

NWNMail includes a robust XMPP/Jabber server that supports voice, video and text chat. Therefore, it’s the ideal solution for chatting with individuals or small groups and can be started right from the webmail client or using your preferred instant message app – on desktop or mobile.

Even better, since group chat is confined to your organization, your chats are private and secured from the outside world.

Instant Communication

Whether using the webmail client or your favorite chat app – from the desktop or your mobile device – instantly communicate with individuals or small groups. Your choice of chat clients includes:

  • Adium for MacOS
  • Digsby for MacOS, Windows and Linus
  • Pidgin for MacOS, Windows and Linus
  • IM+ for Android or iOS
  • IMO for Android and iOS
  • Dozens more


Voice, Video and Text

Having an internal XMPP / Jabber server means NWNMail’s instant messaging can offer text chat as well as voice and video chat. And since all of this is confined to your organization, you can be assured that your data is safe and secure.

File Sharing

If you’ve used products like HipChat, you know the benefit of being able to simply drag-and-drop files into a chat. SmarterMail’s Group Chat allows this, and even includes image and link previews, so you know what you’re going to get, before you actually get it.

Immediate Archiving

With NWNMail’s archiving, any chat message you send or receive is automatically captured and stored for later retrieval. This helps meet compliance or regulatory restrictions plus lets you go back in time to find an important piece of information for a presentation, customer pitch and more.