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Customer Community

Building a Community makes it easy for customers to communicate with each other as well as with company representatives. Whether it’s new feature requests, questions about functionality or resolutions to issues or announcements, all of these are handled in one location — your customer Community.

While the benefits of a Community are endless, there is always one end result: increased customer satisfaction!

Reduce Costs

Your online Community can help reduce support costs by allowing users to work together to solve issues, answer questions and provide general support. A successful and popular response in the community is available 24 x 7 and lasts forever, or at least until someone provides a better response, giving both current and future customers easy access to solutions to issues.

Improve Stickiness

Status indicators on Community posts can help users see the progress on issues, the status of feature requests and that questions have been answered. For example, when a user proposes an Idea, that request can have an initial status of “Under Consideration”, then, as the idea moves into actual implementation, it can move from “Planned” to “In Progress” and, finally, to “Completed”. Users appreciate staying apprised of their requests and seeing when their questions have actually been answered.

Reward Customers

With the ability to create custom Community roles, participants — especially knowledgeable and helpful participants — can be granted special permissions and have greater involvement in the Community as a whole. For example, moderation roles allow a business to choose key customers and empower them to manage the tone of conversations, remove spam and more.